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Moots Cycles

Creating unique, high-performance bikes with titanium alloy and artisan-level craftsmanship.

Moots: Titanium Bikes Are Best

Moots began building bikes in 1981 as a team of experienced riders who wanted to develop the best possible bikes they could. Based in Steamboat Springs Colorado, the men and women at Moots like to ride singletrack, doubletrack, backcountry roads, and smooth, scenic tarmac. So that’s what they build - high performance machines for riding all kinds of terrain through beautiful country.

The first Moots bikes were made of steel, and in the early ‘90s they produced their first titanium frame. The company fell in love with the material for numerous reasons and has dedicated their brand to building some of the highest quality titanium bikes available. For decades, Moots has established itself as a top brand for road, mountain, cyclocross, and specialty frames. See for yourself why a Moots might just be the dream bike you’ve always wanted.

The Bikes

Moots makes bikes that they want to ride. Their team is made up of lots of riders who like to get out on the bike in different ways. In Steamboat Springs, CO, there's plenty of access to great riding, and Moots has a bike to enjoy it all.

From high performance road bikes to gravel grinders, and from singletrack shredders to bikepacking adventure machines, Moots has something for everyone. Check out the models below and see which Moots is perfect for you.

Moots Road Bikes

Moots handcrafts their titanium road bikes for high-quality performance and endurance on the tarmac, race circuits, and any other adventurous trails you might find yourself on. Find the dropbar Moots road bike that fits your style.

Vamoots RSL Disc road bike

Vamoots Disc RSL

Category: Road

Perfect for: Ultimate road performance with disc brake stopping power

vamoots dr endurance road bike

Vamoots DR

Category: Road

Perfect for: Road performance with endurance geometry for long rides on rougher surfaces

vamoots rsl road bike

Vamoots RSL

Category: Road

Perfect for: Classic, unbeatable road performance with modern tech

Moots Gravel Bikes

The cyclocross and gravel bikes from Moots have been at the leading edge of the sport since 1995 and they continue to innovate and improve their designs to this day. Choose from Moots gravel bikes to take the road less traveled with confidence.

ROUTT RSL gravel bike


Category: Gravel

Perfect for: High performance gravel racing and all-road exploration

Routt 45 gravel bike


Category: Gravel

Perfect for: Spirited rides on gravel and dirt with plenty of touring potential

routt ybb gravel bike


Category: Gravel

Perfect for: Endurance rides and races over terrain where comfort is key

psychlo x cyclocross bike

Psychlo X RSL

Category: Cross

Perfect for: Podium finishes at cyclocross races

moots baxter gravel mountain bike


Category: Gravel/Mountain

Perfect for: Tour Divide style races and bikepacking adventures

Moots Mountain Bikes

Moots mountain bikes are handcrafted to excel on the trail with speed, durability, and precise handling. Whether you prefer descending down singletrack or cruising on XC paths, find the Moots MTB for you.

farwell mountain bike


Category: Mountain

Perfect for: Versatility, comfort, and performance on the toughest terrain

moots mountaineer mountain bike

Mountaineer YBB

Category: Mountain

Perfect for: Trail-ripping, long distance mountain rides, and bikepacking

mooto x mountain bike

Mooto X RSL

Category: Mountain

Perfect for: XC racing and singletrack shredding

Titanium Crafstmanship

riders in front of moots factory

If there’s only one word that could describe how the team at Moots feels about their products and the process used to make them, that word would have to be pride.

As a small Colorado based company whose origins come from real riders with a real passion for bikes, the Moots team takes a lot of pride in what they do. They continue to refine, innovate, and build the best bikes possible for others to enjoy and they are proud to show you how much detail and effort goes into each and every frame.

Titanium is one of the most expensive and time-consuming materials to build bikes with, but Moots doesn’t cut a single corner and each frame goes through multiple stages of construction and finishing so that the frame you buy is absolutely perfect.

moots worker in factory

When you buy your bike, you’ll see the initials of the hard working men and women who did the welding, the hand-finishing, and the decal application on that specific frame. Moots is proud of their product and happy that you chose to own it.

Moots uses 3/2.5 titanium for their frames, meaning that they mix 3% aluminum and 2.5% vanadium into pure titanium. This process creates an alloy that’s uniquely suited for biking due to its lightness, stiffness, and durability. Every frame style and size has its own specific blend of tube diameters and wall thicknesses. This special, US-made Pi Tech tubing allows Moots to finely tune each and every frame to create the perfect ride quality every time.

moots bottom bracket

A closer look at the building process reveals just how much thought goes into a Moots frame. 

The tubes are cold-worked to keep the center thin and the ends thick, and internally butting the tubes allows for thin, light walls while keeping the outside diameter as large as possible for the best strength-to-weight ratio possible. 

Moots is so confident in their frames that they guarantee each one with a lifetime warranty against any defects in material and workmanship. Moots also builds their own titanium components including stems, forks, and seat posts that also come with their own multi-year warranties.

hero image of moots baxter in desert

As a consumer, you’ll appreciate owning a Moots because it’s a high-performance bike that achieves efficiency and durability at a level most companies could only dream of. 

As a rider, you’ll appreciate the beautiful, timeless design and craftsmanship that you and the team at Moots can all take pride in.

Available Finishes

One of the best parts of owning a Moots is making it your own. As a truly custom bike brand, Moots offers tailor-made frames to perfect suit the rider's needs. But that's not all that's custom. Customers also have the option to select from several different finishes so you can really create your own one-of-a-kind bike. Here are the current finishing options, and for more images, visit the Moots website.

moots etched finish


The Etched finish, just as it sounds, etches the logos onto the frame where the decals would typically be placed. It’s a subtle design that looks clean from far and even better up close. All new Moots Select Builds come with the Etched finish but can be upgraded to other options.

Price: $400

moots stanley finish


The Stanley finish takes inspiration from the gradient carpet pattern of the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO, which was the set for the classic horror film, The Shining. You can get this finish on any new model or it can be applied to an older frame when you take it in for a refinish.

Price: $1,000

moots birch finish


This finish combines brushing, bead blast, etching and anodizing that create a sleek design with small variations in texture. You can get this finish on any new model or it can be applied to an older frame when you take it in for a refinish.

Price: $1,200

moots skyline finish


The Skyline finish design took cues from the silhouettes of Colorado mountains and the clear blue skies above them. The top tube graphic samples the Skyline to the west of Moots HQ and features outlines of Elk Mountain, Hahns Peak and others. The downtube logo is deep blue. You can get this finish on any new model or it can be applied to an older frame when you take it in for a refinish.

Price: $1,000

moots polished anodized logo finish

Polished Panels

Polished Panels is the iconic Moots finish with 6 color options and is only available on select models depending on cable routings.

Price: $1,200

moots anodized logo finish

Anodized Logos

Choose this finish for anodized logos in place of traditional decals. There are five colors to choose from: Matte Burgundy, Frost Blue, Rocky Mountain Gold, Rose, and Emerald Mountain Green. You can get this finish on any new model or it can be applied to an older frame when you take it in for a refinish.

Price: $525

moots downtube with brushed logo finish

Brushed Logos

The Brushed Logos finish applies to the downtube, model name and seat tube gator in a subtle texture paired with our satin bead blast finish.

Price: $175

engraved headtube with moots logo

Engraved Headtube

The Engraved Headtube is a killer feature that can be added to new builds for $300. Mr. Moots will be riding through the mountains on the front of your new bike. This upgrade offers “a super clean look and for some a weight weenie’s dream come true.  Yes, you can save 40 grams versus our normal screw-on head badge with this option.”

Price: $300


Q: Where can I find info on…?

Q: What are the warranty on frames and components?

  • Titanium frames (original owner) - Lifetime

  • Aluminum rear triangles - 2 year

  • Stems - 5 year

  • Seatposts - 2 year

  • Moots carbon forks - 3 year

Q: Where are Moots bikes made?

Everything (frames, components, accessories) is made right in the Moots factory in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Q: Can I have my Moots frame painted?

Moots does not paint its frames. If you decide you want you frame painted, Moots will help you by preparing the frame and working with your dealer to find a qualified painter.

Q: Can I have my Moots frame refinished?

Yes. You can ship your frame, stripped of all parts, to Moots who can: 

  • remove all old decals

  • remove shock unit and inspect (all YBBs and Full-Suspension bikes)

  • check frame alignment

  • re-finish the entire frame with our signature satin bead-blast finish

  • install new YBB slider if needed (extra charge for parts)

  • apply new decals (current design only)