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Bob's Bikes is the best Giant dealer in Homewood and Birmingham, Alabama.

Giant was founded in 1972 and it's amazing value at each price point, innovation and customer service propelled the company to the top of the cycling industry. Giant brought aluminum frames into the mix when steel was the standard, then they did the same with carbon fiber. Besides the technical advances they've contributed to in the bike industry, Giant has made a name for itself by making those innovations accessible to riders all over the world with amazing pricing. With models in nearly every category you could think of, our selection of Giant bikes has something for riders of all abilities and aspirations.

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Giant Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are our fastest growing category of bikes at Bob's Bikes, and for good reason. Giant Electric bikes are working to improve performance and enjoyment for everyone by means of a powerful SyncDrive pedal-assist motor. Whether you want to shave precious time off your commute and stay drier while doing it or push yourself to new limits off road, you'll want to take a look at what Giant Electric bikes can offer.


Giant Mountain Bikes

Giant has been making some of the best mountain bikes with aluminum and carbon fiber frames for decades. Their top quality mountain bikes or atbs, are used by both professional mountain bike racers and amatuers everywhere. If you're into Enduro, Cross Country, Downhill, or everything in between, there's a Giant Mountain bike for you.


Giant Road Bikes

We're super excited to carry Giant Road bikes because they offer killer value. Giant offers fast, aero and lightweight road bikes for the rider looking to upgrade and improve his or her performance while riding on and even off road. With a wide range of road bicycles for every kind of road riding, you'll be able to find a Giant road bike that fits your needs and aspirations.


Giant Commuter, Fitness, Hybrid & Urban Bikes

Looking for a great bike to commute on, cruise with your sweetie or ride with your kids? Look no further. Giant has options to suit the needs of anyone looking to ride. From fast and capable cyclocross bikes to reliable urban commuters, you'll find a Giant bike to suit your daily life or your weekend passion.


Giant Kids' Bikes

Whether you are shopping for your child's very first bike or one to match his or her imporving capabilities, Giant has you covered. Giant makes safe, easy-to-ride options for kids at all ages so they can gain confidence and have fun riding. You'll love our kids bikes starting with balance bikes and going up to our 24" kids bikes.