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Electric Bikes Guide

Electric bikes are the fastest growing category in the bicycle industry. People all over the country are discovering how much more they can do with a little boost from a pedal-powered motor. Road cyclists are enjoying riding longer loops, climbing with less difficulty, and riding at consistently faster speeds. Urban commuters can ride to work faster, more often, and without all the sweat. And mountain bikers can spend less effort grinding up the hills and more time shredding through more trail than ever. So check out the great models of e-bikes from top brands that are redefining what's possible on two wheels.

Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric mountain bikes are powerful, capable, and surprisingly agile. Built from the ground up as bikes that can hang tough on the trail, the geometry has been slightly tweaked to accommodate the pedal-assist motor and battery so it handles just like the mtb in your garage. It's just a lot more fun.

Electric Commuter Bikes

If you currently have dreams of ditching the car and riding your bike to work, or even if you already do, you've probably thought about how much better your commute would be on a bike that works as hard as you do. Electric commuter bikes make life on two wheels more fun than ever, and have proven to be an incredibly functional tool for urban transport and recreational riding.

Electric Road Bikes

Electric road bikes are helping riders everywhere discover new limits and possibilities by bike. If you still want to get in a great workout but want a little help up the hills, e-bikes are a great solution. Designed to keep the same light and nimble characteristics of regular road bikes, these e-bikes give you all the benefits you're used to with an added bonus of extra power when you want it.

Best Sellers

Como 3.0

Shop the Como for when you don't want to give up style and comfort in order to go fast and far. This is a great all-around ebike for daily transport and weekend workouts.

Giant Lafree

The Giant Lafree is a comfortable, purpose-built electric commuter bike with a range of up to 65 miles and an accessible price-point. Take it around town or out on a joy-ride - it'll put a smile on your face ether way.

Giant Fathom E+ 3 Power

The Giant Fathom is your singletrack shredding partner that convinces you to ride farther, faster, and longer. You'll end up doing more than you thought you could and having a blast in the process.


Can I ride an e-bike in the rain?

Yes. Our electric bikes come waterproofed right from the factory. As long as you don't submerge the whole bike in a lake, you won't have a problem.

How fast can I go on an electric bike?

Most electric bikes have a top assisted speed of 18 to 22 mph. Above that speed, the electric shuts off.

How far can I go on one charge?

Electric bike range varies from 15 to 60 miles by model. How far you go on a single charge will also depend on your weight, the weight of your cargo, the terrain, and wind. How much you pedal and which power setting you use (if any) also affect range.

How much does it cost to operate an electric bike?

Based on the price of electric, it typically costs 6 to 14 cents a mile to charge and maintain. Compare that with a car at over 50 cents a mile.

Will a conventional bike keep me in better shape?

Yes — but only if you use it as much as the electric bike. Many e-bike users find that the electric's benefit on hills and into wind eliminates their fear of riding and gets them out on the bike when they otherwise might not ride. Some are more fit because they ride more often.