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Bob's Bikes is proud to be your Specialized Dealer

Specialized is a brand we all recognize. They've been at the forefront of the bicycle industry for decades, and the effort and diligence they have cultivated as business has helped them lead the charge into what has become a fast paced, ever improving cycling industry. Since 1974, Specialized has been a "by riders, for riders" company, and that shows no signs of changing. As riders have striven to go farther and faster over increasingly varied terrain, Specialized has continued to innovate in order to push the boundaries of what's possible on bikes. Know that when you buy a Specialized, you're getting a product from people who know and people who care.

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Specialized Electric Bikes

Specialized electric bikes are changing people's notions of what can be achieved with pedal power. With specially designed motors and integrated batteries, these feel and handle just like their non-motorized counterparts, except for the little boost the helps you ride longer and with less difficulty. Let's say you want to drive less, but your job is just out of convenient cycling distance and it takes too long or is too difficult. Or maybe you want to go off road and explore further or climb bigger terrain. Specialized electric bikes could be the solution you're looking for. It's still you, just a stronger, faster version that will reach goals you didn't think possible.

Electric Bikes

Specialized electric bikes soar over the pavement and provide an extra boost at the touch of a button. Designed for roadies, the Turbo Creo SL is a lightweight road ebike with a sleek silhouette and nimble handling. The go-anywhere Specialized Turbo Vado is a comfortable commuter and there’s the cruiser-inspired Turbo Como.

Electric Mountain Bikes

Off-road enthusiasts love Specialized electric mountain bikes for exploring remote terrain and climbing big hills with ease. The full-suspension Turbo Levo is a favorite among trail riders with a soft spot for the steep-and-chunky. The hardtail Turbo Tero is a versatile ebike designed for fun across the entire mountain and it feels great in the city, too.


Specialized Mountain Bikes

The crew at Specialized say it best. "Since there've been mountain bikes, there've been Stumpjumpers." Right at the very beginning of the mountain bike movement, Specialized was creating off road riding machines that consistently raised the bar. Now, Specialized offers incredibly capable mountain bikes for every style of riding imaginable, and for everyone from beginners to professional athletes. With more experience than just about anyone in the industry, you can't go wrong riding a Specialized, no matter how or where you ride.

Front Suspension Mountain Bikes

Specialized hardtails are ideal for XC racing and lighter terrain where speed and climbing are crucial. The Specialized Rockhopper is an affordable all-rounder that’s perfect for flowy singletrack and dirt trails, available in different wheel sizes. The Specialized Chisel comes with fast-rolling 29ers and upgraded components for a refined XC feel.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

With the addition of a rear shock, full-sus MTBs float over trail obstacles and can descend at high speeds. The much-loved Specialized Stuntjumper trail bike strikes the perfect balance between climbing prowess and descending capabilities. The Status boasts a mixed wheelset for tight cornering and high top speeds, available in 140mm or 160mm suspension options.

29er (29-inch) Mountain Bikes

29” wheels have a shallower angle of attack, making them great at rolling over rocks and roots and reaching maximum pace. The Specialized Epic is designed for dedicated XC racers and comes in hardtail or full-sus builds. The Specialized Enduro is a long-travel model that smashes the steepest of descents.

27.5 / 650B Mountain Bikes

27.5” wheels— also called 650B— offer increased maneuverability in tight corners and technical terrain and can provide a better fit for smaller riders, too. Specialized MTBs such as the Stumpjumper, Status, Fuse, and Rockhopper are available with 650B wheels. 

Fat Bikes

Fat bikes have ultra-wide tires that provide traction in snow, sand, and muddy conditions. The Specialized Fatboy is a comfortable setup that’s designed to traverse tough terrain with confidence.

Mountain Bike Frames

For riders who want ultimate customizability, Specialized offers MTB frames to kick off your dream build. Available framesets include the Stuntjumper, Fuse, Chisel, Epic, and downhill-specific Demo race frame.

Specialized Road Bikes

Specialized has more than just kept up with riders' needs, they've anticipated and developed with forward thinking. When the professionals were looking to ride even faster, Specialized built their own wind tunnel to conduct research on how to design their road bikes to be more aerodynamic. One of the leaders of the carbon movement, they've developed some of the lightest and toughest frame materials on the market. You can expect a Specialized road bike to have responsive handling, plus superior stiffness and compliance where they matter most. If you are just getting in to road riding or if you are looking to make the podium, Specialized has something for you.

Performance Road Bikes

Specialized sport road bikes are ideal for serious racers and weekend warriors alike. The Specialized Roubaix is an all-rounder that’s light, comfortable, and aero. The Tarmac race bike has countless professional wins under its belt and the super-nimble Aethos is Specialized’s lightest offering.   

Triathlon Bikes

Specialized triathlon machines are developed in wide tunnels and feature innovative tube shapes that cut through the air. The Specialized Shiv’s aerodynamic silhouette and integrated hydration system are perfect for tough triathlon courses.

Road Frames

Specialized framesets allow roadies to upgrade their current bike or start building their ideal racer from scratch. Available featherweight frames include the Roubaix, Diverge, and Allez.

Cyclocross Bikes

Equipped with massive tire clearance and an ultralight frame, the Specialized Crux is a cyclocross bike that smashes expectations. This featherweight bike is built to explore gravel routes and win cyclocross races.

Adventure + Gravel Bikes

Gravel and adventure bikes are designed to traverse a variety of terrains, from gravel paths, paved roads, and light dirt tracks. The Specialized Diverge is the brand’s dedicated gravel model that inspires confidence no matter where you ride.

Specialized Fitness, Hybrid and Commuter Bikes

Not everyone envisions suiting up in spandex when they think about riding bikes. A lot of us just want to drive less and stay active. Specialized has perfect models for getting out there and having fun, whether you want to explore your area, work up a sweat, or commute to work. Comfortable and reliable, these hybrid and fitness bikes are a great idea for anyone interesting in getting back on two wheels more often.

Fitness Bikes

Specialized fitness bikes are the go-to choice for recreational riders who want to stay comfortable on weekend rides and outings around town. The Specialized Roll offers the most relaxed setup thanks to wide, cushioning tires and laid back geometry. The Crossroads has skinnier tires and an upright geometry that’s perfect for casual riders and commuters.

Hybrid and Commuter Bikes

Hybrid and commuter bikes offer a relaxed ride feel and additional mounts for fenders and racks. The Specialized Sirrus is a comfortable flat-bar bike that’s just as speedy as a road bike. The trail-inspired Sirrus X comes equipped with wider tires and a 1x drivetrain to navigate over potholes and gravel paths with ease.

Specialized Kids' Bikes

For many of us, a new bike was the ultimate gift. It was a way for us to build confidence, explore, meet friends, have fun, and stay active. We are happy to offer Specialized's line of well built, dependable kids' bikes that will help your young rider be safe and experience the awesomeness that is riding bikes.

Balance/Running Bikes

Balance bikes are a great way for kids (aged 2 to 4) to develop their skills without having pedals get in the way. The lightweight Specialized Hotwalk is designed to inspire confidence in young riders. 

12 Inch Kids' Bikes

12” wheels are best suited for children aged 2 to 4 years old or between 2’8” and 3’4”. There’s the standard Specialized Hotwalk as well as the featherlight carbon version for the ultimate first-ride experience.

16 Inch Kids' Bikes

16” bikes are perfect for kids aged 3 to 6 or who measure between 3’5” and 4’0” tall. The Specialized Riprock 16 features an easy-to-learn coaster brake. The Specialized Jett 16 is for young riders who are ready to make the jump to using brake levers.

20 Inch Kids' Bikes

5 to 8 year olds can zip around on 20” bikes and choose between a geared or single-speed setup. The Riprock 20 is designed for off-road adventures and the Jett 20 soars over smoother surfaces.

24 inch Kids' Bikes

24” bikes are designed for kids aged 7 and over before they move to adult frames. The Riprock Expert 24 includes disc brakes and front suspension for ultimate trail shredding.