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Specialized Kids' Balance Bikes

First comes balance, then comes confidence, then comes fun. Try a balance bike to get your young rider comfortable with the idea of bikes and before you know it he or she will be cruising around and ready for pedals in no time.

Specialized Hotwalk
The Specialized Hotwalk is the fastest way to help your little one learn to love bikes as well as the necessary skills to ride. Sometimes, training wheels do more harm than good. With the Hotwalk, your 2-3 year old will scoot around and eventually learn to coast, which builds the confidence and balance needed to ride a real two wheeler. Kids will love the Hotwalk because they can stand up over the seat easily and always have their feet out for balance. Soon they’ll be zooming around with smiles on their faces, and boom, bikes are no longer scary. Made of lightweight yet durable aluminum, the Hotwalk will easily take on the task of being used by your child. Kids can easily maneuver and soon learning to steer will come naturally. There’s even a foot rest for them to place their feet once they get comfortable coasting around.
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