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Aventon Bikes Models Guide

Use this guide to explore the quality electric bikes from Aventon, a leading manufacturer with a wide range of affordable ebikes. Read our breakdown of each model to discover their key features and how to choose the right ebike for you. Keep scrolling to learn more about the models available from Bob’s Bikes, your trusted Aventon dealer.

Aventon Bike Models

Check out our bikes from Aventon - we have broken them out by intended use-cases below so that you can find the model that best suits your needs.

Aventon Bikes for Off Road Riding

Off-road ebikes are the perfect machines for adrenaline junkies or mountain bikers making the switch to ebike riding. The front suspension and fat 4” tires allow you to tackle any terrain and the larger motor will get you up steep climbs.

Aventon Aventure

This fat tire electric bike is designed to extend your off-road journey thanks to the large 750W motor and 45 mile range. It ships as a Class 2 ebike but can be configured as Class 3. Enjoy plenty of traction and cushion provided by the 4” fat tires and front suspension fork. 

Ride up to 28 mph in pedal assist mode and if you plan to ride routes with chunky gravel or loose dirt, this brawny bike with hydraulic disc brakes will handle anything you throw at it.

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Aventon Bikes for Commuting and Cruising

Ride through the urban jungle in style, all without breaking a sweat. Whether you’re riding to work, school, or running an errand, Aventon offers several city models to fit your preferences and needs.

Aventon Pace

Aventon’s first ebike, the Pace is designed for city cruising and now comes in two versions: the Pace 350 and its upgraded sibling the Pace 500. Around 50 lbs., the moderate weight and 2.2” tires are great for comfortable and speedy urban riding. 

The rigid frame is compatible with fenders and a rear rack, also available with step-though geometry. The higher-spec Pace 500 features hydraulic disc brakes and a more powerful 500W motor that reaches a top speed of 28 mph and goes 40 miles on a single charge. 

For commuters and recreational riders that want a more comfortable setup, the Pace is a sure bet.

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Aventon Level

The Level is a purebred commuter that comes equipped with fenders and a rear rack for ultimate utility around the city. The mighty 500W rear hub motor has a top speed of 28 mph and a range of 40 miles. 

Front suspension and strong hydraulic disc brakes on 27.5” x 2.2” wheels. The Level is the ideal choice for daily commuters or riders who may carry cargo, whether it’s a backpack or grocery bags.

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Aventon Soltera

The Soltera is Aventon’s lightweight ebike designed for zipping around the urban environment. The model runs a smaller 350W motor which saves weight and provides 20 mph top speed and 41 mile range. 

The 700C road wheels and slick 35mm tires roll smoothly over pavement. The Soltera 7 version includes upgraded mechanical disc brakes, additional gears, and a more relaxed geometry.

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Aventon Folding Bikes

Foldable ebikes are proof that big things can come in small packages. Commuters love that they can easily bring their bike on the metro or store it in their office. 

Recreational riders can take the bike anywhere without the help of a bike rack— foldable bikes fit in the trunk and save space in the garage.

Aventon Sinch

This foldable ebike is designed to handle all types of terrain and fit anywhere, too. The powerful 500W rear hub motor has a top speed of 20 mph and 40 mile range. 

The 4” fat tires and front suspension provide an ultra-smooth ride and off-road capabilities appropriate for the both urban landscape and rougher trails. The Sinch folds down easily with two quick release clamps and stays upright thanks to an integrated kickstand. 

Whether you are a daily commuter or all-terrain explorer, the Aventon Sinch is the perfect foldable bike for riders who are always on the go.

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Aventon Bike Model Comparisons

When customers are between two models, we get a lot of questions about how to choose between them. Read on if you're stuck in your decision of which Aventon bike you should choose.

Aventon Level vs Pace 500

The Aventon Level is technically more capable than the Pace 500. The Level has a more powerful motor than the Pace 500, and it also has a suspension fork whereas the Pace 500 has a rigid fork. If you ride on hills, gravel, or bumpy roads frequently, you'll appreciate the shock up front on the Level. The Level also has more sizes to choose from (S-L) where the Pace 500 comes in just medium and large.

That being said, the Aventon Pace 500 is slightly lighter and more affordable than the Level. If you don't feel like you need maximum power and you mostly keep to paved roads, the Pace 500 may be the best choice.

Aventon Pace 350 vs 500

The main question in choosing between the Aventon Pace 300 and the Pace 500 is whether you need all the power of the Pace 500. The two models are largely similar, but the Pace 500 has a more powerful motor and battery than the Pace 300. 

If you're a dedicated bike commuter and you are frequently riding to work, you might go for the extra power of the Pace 500, but if you're more into riding casually for exercise and fun, the Pace 300 will do just fine and save you some money as well.

Aventon Level vs Aventure

The Aventon Level is more of a versatile electric commuter bike that can handle some rougher terrain, while the Aventon Aventure is purpose-built for off-road riding. The bigger tires and more capable suspension fork of the Aventure excel on dirt, but they may feel cumbersome if all you ride is pavement. Long story short, if you ride mostly on pavement go with the Level, and if you frequently go off-road have a look at the Aventure.

How to Choose an Aventon Electric Bike

When choosing a bike that suits your preferred riding style, it's important to consider a variety of factors; we've included some of the most impactful below!

Riding Style and Location

Reflect on how you’ll use your new ebike and where you typically like to ride. Aventon has an extensive ebike lineup with options for everyone— commuters, stylish urban riders, and adventure seekers. 

Ebikes for city riding are lightweight and designed to roll fast over smooth pavement. Off-road ebikes have studier frames and wider tires to handle all kinds of terrain.

Pedal Assist vs. Throttle

Ebikes deliver power in two ways: pedal assist or throttle mode. Pedal assistance is the most common and many ebikes also feature a throttle for fast, pedal-free cruising. Luckily for you, all Aventon ebikes come with both pedal assist and throttle modes! 

Each model has a maximum throttle speed of 20 mph while their pedal assistance top speed ranges from 20 mph to 28 mph depending on the bike.

Battery and Motor Power

At the heart of your Aventon ebike are the lithium-ion battery and rear hub motor. The battery capacity and motor power determine metrics like range and top speed. Aventon bikes use three motor sizes: 350W, 500W, and 700W and have a maximum range of between 35 to 45 miles. 

Choose a larger motor if you expect to ride long distances, climb hills, or use throttle mode frequently. Smaller motors are perfect for quick city errands and low levels of pedal assist. Aventon battery charging is quick and simple across all models.

Aventon Special Features

Accessories like fenders, a rear rack, and integrated lights can boost your bike’s utility and suspension can take its performance to the next level. Fenders and rear racks are compatible with most Aventon ebikes and come included on some models. 

The urban and cruiser models have rigid forks while the commuter and all-terrain bikes have front suspension. For the space-saving cyclists out there, the Aventon Sinch folds down for easy transport and storage.


Aventon offers a wide range of ebikes to match your riding style as well as different versions of the same model to fit any budget. For example, pick the lightweight Pace 350 that’s easier on your wallet or amp up performance with the Pace 500’s larger motor. The Soltera 7 features upgraded brakes compared to the standard Soltera model.

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Aventon Bikes Feature Chart

AVG. RANGE35 Mi.40 Mi.40 Mi.40 Mi.45 Mi.41 Mi.41 Mi.
MOTOR350W Rear Hub500W Rear Hub500W Rear Hub500W Rear Hub750W Rear Hub350W Rear Hub350W Rear Hub
BRAKESMechanicalHydraulicHydraulicMechanicalHydraulicCaliper BrakeMechanical
WEIGHT49 lbs.52 lbs.62 lbs.68 lbs.73 lbs.41 lbs.43 lbs.
IDEAL USECruisingCruisingCommutingAll-terrainAll-terrainUrban RidingUrban Riding
TIRE SIZE27.5" x 2.2"27.5" x 2.2"27.5" x 2.2"20" x 4"26" x 4"700c*35c700c*35c
REAR RACKOptionalOptionalIncludedOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional

Aventon Bikes Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Aventon bikes manufactured?

Aventon bikes are manufactured in China and later assembled and inspected at the brand’s headquarters in southern California.

How good is an Aventon bike?

Aventon bikes are reliable electric bikes with great value for the price. The brand is a direct competitor with other quality ebike makers like Rad Power Bikes and Ride1Up.

Is Aventon a US company?

Founded in 2012 in southern California, Aventon is a US brand that maintains its headquarters in Ontario, California.

Who owns Aventon ebike?

Aventon is an independent bike brand based out of southern California and owned by founder and CEO J.W Zhang.

Do Aventon bikes come assembled?

Aventon bikes ship partially assembled but will need to be fully put together at home. While you’ll need a couple of tools, Aventon provides detailed instructions and assembly how-to videos to help you through the final steps.

Are Aventon ebikes waterproof?

Aventon ebike motors and electrical components are highly water-resistant and can withstand splashes and heavy rain. It is not recommended, however, to use a pressure washer to clean the bike as the strong spray could damage parts.

What motor does Aventon bikes use?

Aventon ebikes have brushless rear hub motors from Bafang or Shengyi, depending on the model. The motors are available in 350W, 500W, or 750W options.

How do you charge a battery on Aventon?

To charge the battery while attached to the bike, lift the flap on the downtube and plug in the charging cable. The indicator light goes green when it’s at full charge.

How do I start my Aventon bike?

Turn on your ebike by pressing the power button on the battery— a permanent green LED will show that the battery is turned on. Press and hold the M button on the control center on the handlebars, turning on the display. Now, you are ready to ride, either in throttle or pedal assist mode.

How long do Aventon batteries last?

Depending on the model and power level, Aventon batteries have a maximum range of between 35 to 45 miles on single charge.

How much does an Aventon ebike weigh?

Aventon ebikes weigh between 41 to 73 lbs. depending on the specific model.

Does the Aventon Level have walk mode?

Yes, all Aventon bikes have a walk mode. Press and hold the minus (-) button on the left side of the handlebar to activate walk mode and help guide your bike up inclines.

Do Aventon bikes have a throttle?

Yes, all Aventon electric ebikes feature a throttle mode with a top speed of 20 mph.