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Support for Youth Cycling

At Bob's Bikes in Homewood, AL

Photo by Todd Bauer (TMB Images)

NICA, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association, is a great non-profit organization that works to improve individuals and communities through cycling. NICA has leagues all across the country that facilitate mountain bike races and cycling related programs for boys and girls up through high school. Certain leagues will hold up to 4 or 5 races per year as well as other non-race events and programs designed to help student-athletes build strong character and communities. 

According to their website, NICA's main values are Fun, Inclusivity, Equity, Respect, and Community. Read on to explore ways to get involved, which bikes we recommend for NICA participants, how we support this national non-profit, and general NICA information. Our goal is to help riders who are interested in NICA get the information and the gear they need to start participating and having fun.

Our Favorite NICA Mountain Bikes

Most NICA members join to get in on the fun of mountain bike racing or general riding, but if you're just starting out, how do you know what bike would be a good fit? We've spent a lot of time volunteering our services to NICA events and have helped many student-athletes find the right gear they need to jump into the exciting and rewarding world of mountain biking. Here are some of our favorite bikes that are perfect for NICA participants.

Specialized Pitch Comp 27


The Specialized Pitch Family

The Pitch is a 27.5" wheel hardtail mountain bike that's perfect for beginners and riders looking for a versatile bike at an affordable price point. The Pitch models come with a lightweight, durable aluminum frame and include great trail riding features like a 100mm suspension fork and powerful disc brakes. For riders seeking stability and control on both singletrack and and dirt roads, the Pitch has plenty to offer at a price that can't be beat. The Pitch family is available in men's and women's specific models.

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Specialized Rockhopper Expert 1X


The Specialized Rockhopper Family

The Rockhopper family takes hardtail mountain bike capability up a notch from the Pitch models. Rockhoppers have been ridden on trails across America for decades and Specialized has continued to improve this ever-popular mountain bike. The Rockhopper tackles the trails on fast 29 inch wheels that easily roll over roots and rocks. Models are fitted with an 80/90/100mm suspension for depending on frame size and you'll love the disc brake stopping power as well as a lower and more open trail-oriented geometry. The Rockhopper is also available in men's and women's specific models.

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Specialized Stumpjumper 29


The Specialized Stumpjumper Family

The Stumpjumper is Specialized's flagship full suspension mountain bike. This model also has some serious history but over the years Specialized has kept innovating in order to keep this ultra-capable trail bike at the top level of shredding performance. For riders who want to push their limits and rip up the mountain with style and speed, the Stumpjumper is a perfect fit. Plus, there are a few different models to choose from that range from playful trail bike to stable all-arounder to gravity-loving send-it machine. Stumpjumper comes in both 27.5 and 29 inch wheel models as well as varying levels of suspension depending on the intended use. There are both men's and women's Stumpjumpers so there's a perfect model for you no matter what.

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Supporting NICA

Bob's Bikes believes that NICA is an incredible organization that brings great value to the lives of its participants, and we aim to help student-athlete members as best we can. You'll find us at local events enjoying the atmosphere and providing complimentary repair work to participants. We know the ins and outs of the Alabama NICA scene are ready and willing to help riders get involved by educating riders on what to expect and how to start. If you are looking for a new bike to race or ride with, we are happy to help you pick the best model based on your skill level, your ambitions, and your budget.

NICA Mountain Bike Discounts

New Bike Discounts for NICA Members

We see an enormous amount of value in becoming a NICA participant. That's why Bob's Bikes offers a special discount on orders of brand new Specialized and Giant bikes for members. Here's how it works: First, the rider comes in and picks out a new Specialized or Giant mountain bike to order. If the rider chooses to order a Specialized, they will have a brief form to fill out, which you can find here.

We add the sales tax, then the rider has the option to pay in full or put 50% down. Our staff will ensure the order is finalized with the Specialized or Giant, and typically within 3-5 days we receive the bike. We usually get the new bike built and ready to ride within a day or two after receiving it. When you buy a new mountain bike with your NICA membership, your first tune up is free.

NICA Mountain Bike Repair Discounts

Repair Discounts For NICA Members

Bob's Bikes is proud to offer great deals on service to NICA members. For participants who need their bikes serviced or repaired before a race thru the regular season, our team offers a special $50 tune up package with a 1-2 day turnaround time. After the local season at the end of April, regular tunes cost $80. While parts are not included, we apply a special discount that varies between 10-20% depending on the component.

Helpful Resources

Interested in becoming a NICA member? Check out their website at nationalmtb.org.

Want to explore the goals, rules, and regulations of NICA? Check out the NICA Handbook.