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Profile Design Flip Ergo 50a Aerobar Extensions

Profile Design Flip Ergo 50a Aerobar Extensions
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The Profile Design Flip/Ergo platform is designed to give riders the freedom to find an optimal low stack position with the ability to hold the bar tops when climbing. There are 80 distinct position options achievable just by moving the armrests. As a clip-on bar it is also possible to adjust the extension width, length, and tilt easily.

- 50a extensions offer a 50deg ski bend shape with a 7.5mm (per side) lateral shift
- Extensions 340mm long and can be cut to size to suit nearly every rider
- Bracket: Flip
- Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm (26.0 w/Shims)
- Armrest: Ergo / 10mm Pads
- Armrest Width: 112mm to 280mm in 18.5mm steps (with Extensions at 100mm)
- Armrest Offset: -85mm to -17.5mm in 7.5mm steps
- Armrest Stack: 40mm
- Weight: 587g