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Mavic Crossmax SL Pro Wheels - No Tires

Mavic Crossmax SL Pro Wheels - No Tires
  • Wheelset: Front/Rear: Front
  • Wheelset: Front/Rear: Front
  • Wheelset: Front/Rear: Rear
  • Wheelset: Front/Rear: Rear
$469.95 - $999.90
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Some of the winningest wheels of all time, Mavic's inimitable Crossmax SL Pros burn up singletrack and dismantle XC race courses with unmatched precision. Their lightweight, stiff Maxtal aluminum rims feature Mavic's ISM 4D technology (Inter Spoke Milling - 4D) for even more gram savings so you can fly up steep, technical climbs. For point-and-shoot stiffness, the SL Pros are laced up with Mavic's Zicral spokes, while their sealed-bearing QRM+ hubs spin practically friction-free no matter how sloppy it gets out there. And, these featherweight beauties are UST-compatible for easy tubeless conversions. Rear wheels and wheelsets are available with a Shimano/SRAM compatible freebub body, and can be converted to use a SRAM XD driver.

While most Mavic wheels come with a matching tire, these wheels do not come with tires, so you can browse our tire selection and choose whichever tire fits your needs best for the ultimate custom wheel-tire setup.

Mavic ISM 4D


Inter Spoke Milling 4 Dimensions:

An exclusive Mavic patented concept, ISM 4D significantly reduces weight and inertia without compromising durability. Quicker accelerations, better handling and more resistance ; the right mix to make the most of any ride. The smooth profile also helps reducing aerodynamic drag.

Mavic UST


Universal Standard for Tubeless:

UST delivers a ready-to-ride tubeless system. The UST concept improves traction, control, and comfort while reducing rotating mass and flats.

Mavic UST Tubeless-Ready

UST Tubeless-Ready

Traction, control and lightweight:

The UST concept improves traction, control, and comfort while reducing rotating mass and flats. The tubeless-ready construction results in a lighter tire for improved performance.

Mavic ITS-4


Instant Transfer System 4:

Using four pawls working 2-by-2, the system provides a more dynamic ride, thanks to extremely fast engagement. Its versatility makes it compatible with all kinds of axle systems.

Mavic Fore Integrated Aluminum Nipples


Stiffer and stronger:

Instead of being drilled for spoke nipples, the lower rim bridge is pushed up on the inside and threaded to make it possible to directly screw the nipples into the lower rim bridge, eliminating the need to drill the upper rim bridge. Besides improving the nipple-rim interface, this design is ideally suited to tubeless tire setups and helps maintain rim integrity.

Mavic Isopulse Spoke Lacing


Optimum energy transfer:

The spokes are laced radially on the drive side and 2-cross on the non-drive-side to maximize drive-side dish, providing a better spoke tension balance between left and right flanges.

Mavic QRM+


Qualité de Roulements Mavic + :

QRM+ is Mavic’s most demanding level of hub and bearing precision. It uses only double-sealed cartridge bearings with C3 internal clearances and features a system for making micro-adjustments to bearing preload.

Mavic Zicral Spokes


Lightweight, stiff, and strong:

Zicral spokes are made of a specific aluminum alloy to achieve a higher stiffness-to-weight ratio while maintaining high strength.

Mavic Maxtal Alloy


Lightweight and strong:

Exclusive to Mavic, this specific aluminum alloy offers a higher strength-to-weight ratio than conventional 6106 alloy, allowing greater latitude in design while maintaining high strength and durability standards.

Mavic SUP Welded and Machined


Soudé Usiné Process:

After bending, the rim joint is arc welded. The welded seam is then milled for a smooth finish, resulting in a stronger, smoother, more reliable rim joint.


Front: 630 grams

Rear: 760 grams

Pair: 1390 grams


Front: 665 grams

Rear: 805 grams

Pair: 1470 grams


Front: 690 grams

Rear: 830 grams

Pair: 1520 grams

(All weights are without tires.)


Size(s) 26-inch, 650B/27.5-inch, and 29-inch
Rim Material Maxtal aluminum
Rim Width 19mm (internal)
Hub(s) Mavic QRM+: Front: carbon body w/aluminum flanges; Rear: Aluminum w/ITS-4 freehub body
Spokes (Front/Rear) Zicral aluminum, straight-pull, bladed
Holes (Front/Rear) 20/20
Nipples Fore integrated aluminum
Axle(s) Aluminum
Weight (Front/Rear) See Weight by Size feature
Lacing (Front/Rear) Front: 2X; Rear: Isopulse (2X, non-drive side; radial, drive side)
Cassette Compatibility Shimano/SRAM 11-speed
Extras BX601 rear QR, sealant, UST valve/accessories, front/rear axle adapters, multifunction adjustment wrench, user guide

* Subject to change without notice.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
N/A / 26-inch / Front 887850729608 42101
Shimano/SRAM 11-speed / 26-inch / Rear 887850732745 68001
Shimano/SRAM 11-speed / 26-inch / Pair 887850729240 65101
N/A / 27.5-inch / Front 887850899479 55801
Shimano/SRAM 11-speed / 27.5-inch / Rear 887850899493 82601
Shimano/SRAM 11-speed / 27.5-inch / Pair 887850899578 77701
N/A / 29-inch / Front 887850899486 55901
Shimano/SRAM 11-speed / 29-inch / Rear 887850899509 82701
Shimano/SRAM 11-speed / 29-inch / Pair 887850899585 77801