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Tubes: All Sizes/Types

Check out all our bike tires for sale here at Bob's Bikes in Birmingham

Bike tubes— also called inner tubes— are balloon-like inserts that are inflated to give the tire its structure. Tubes come in various sizes and widths that must match your tire's dimensions. They are inflated via a Presta or Schrader valve to the recommended pressure listed on the tire's sidewall. Some inner tubes offer extra puncture resistance or weight savings.

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$6.95 - $10.95
Kenda Presta valve tubes are dependable replacements. Use them to build up your bike, and throw a spare in your bag so you can keep on riding.
$6.95 - $20.95
- Standard 1mm tube thickness - Schrader valve
$8.95 - $18.95
- Standard 1mm tube thickness - Removable-core Presta valve
- Standard 1mm tube thickness - Presta valve
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