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Garmin Edge 510

Garmin Edge 510
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Tell the world what you accomplished with Garmin's Edge 510. Sure, this water-resistant wonder has great metrics like speed, distance, ride time, and optional power with a third party power meter, but what really sets it apart can be summed up in two words: real time. It syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth to enable live tracking, so you can share your ride data with friends, loved ones, or teammates as you ride. Let all your friends on social media know just how hard you're crushing it. This wireless connection also works the other way: create a course online or view your past workouts and—with the Garmin Connect app — you can easily send them to your 510 to use during a ride, or against a virtual partner to race against your previous efforts. You can even get real-time weather updates in the middle of your ride. But perhaps the best part is the compatibility with both GPS and GLONASS satellites for faster acquisition and improved signal lock, meaning even under tree cover or in canyons, you'll still get great signal strength.

Speed (Current, Avg, Lap)
Elevation (ascent/descent, grade)
Barometric Altimeter
GLONASS Compatible
Heart Rate Compatible
Virtual Partner
Auto Pause
Auto Lap
Auto Scroll
Advanced Workouts
Power Meter Compatible
Interval Training
Customizable Screen
Water Resistant (IPX7)
Calorie Computation

Edge 510
Bike Mount
AC Charger
USB Cable
Owner's Manual

Apple and Android Phones
ANT+ devices
Garmin Connect Mobile

ANT+ technology allows this device to wirelessly communicate with other ANT+ products, such as speed sensors, heart rate monitors, power meters, and foot pods that track running/walking progress — and more.


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Part Numbers

753759995461 010-01064-00