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Moots Bikes

Moots Handbuilt BikesBob's Bikes is your Birmingham, AL Moots Authorized Dealer.

We're thrilled to offer these Moots Products to the greater Birmingham Area.  We love the Moots history, brand, technology, craftsmanship, but most of all we love the legendary Moots ride. 

Not sure which Moots model best suits you? Head over to our Moots Bikes Guide.

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Moots Routt CRD
$11,999.00 - $15,549.00
Meet the gravel racers’ dream bike— the all-new Routt CRD. This most recent addition to the Routt gravel bike family comes ready to race, including a more streamlined package and lightweight titanium frame. The new integrated cockpit fully integrates cables inside the bike for clean aesthetics and stellar performance. The Routt CRD (Complete Race Design) reaches the zenith of gravel racing on the heels of the popular Routt 45 and RSL models. It’s designed to perform best on 40-42c tires and there’s sufficient clearance for 45mm tires so you can customize your setup according to the terrain. With such generous clearance for high volume tires, the Routt CRD is your ticket to all-day comfort on extended gravel adventures, post-work rides, and weekend outings. Race-winning stiffness comes from the RSL (Race Super Light) titanium tubeset. The premium construction saves on weight and provides a supple ride quality, even over less-than-ideal surfaces. The 3D-printed dropouts allow more for accurate disc brake alignment and the updated rear end features UDH compatibility. If fast-paced gravel racing is your thing, the Routt CRD leaves all other competition in the dust.
Moots Routt ESC
The all-new Routt ESC is your ultimate getaway vehicle over deep gravel, singletrack, and forested two-track routes. The heir apparent to the well-loved Moots Baxter, this 29” drop-bar adventurer perfectly blurs the line between gravel and mountain bike. At its core, the Routt ESC is a rigid drop bar gravel bike with a massive clearance for 29 x 2.4” tires. Its all-terrain setup is especially suited for loaded tours in the backcountry, including plenty of locations for carrying ride essentials. There are 3 spots on the frame for water bottles along with 2 three-pack mounts on the fork. The sturdier chainstays are designed to handle rough terrain, even when loaded up with cargo bags and other gear. The Routt ESC comes alive any time it touches gravel, including off-piste touring, bikepacking expeditions, or weekend romps. The Moots 3/2.5 titanium seamless tube set is oversized and thin-walled, achieving the ideal stiffness and responsiveness for rugged riding. The size-specific tubing preserves ride quality across the entire frame range. Built for exploration beyond your wildest gravel dreams, the Routt ESC is the go-anywhere bike you’ve been looking for.
Moots Forager
The Moots Forager uncovers the wonders of winter riding and all-terrain fat bikes. This model is a rare breed of titanium fat bikes and it’s built to modern fat bike standards for ultimate compatibility and future-proofness. The Forager delivers the best performance in hardpack snow, fresh powder, and wintery mix conditions. Venture into the woods and across snowy trails this winter atop this all-weather beast. The Forager makes room for massive 27.5 x 4.5” fat tires for increased grip and that characteristic float above tricky surface conditions. Riders will appreciate this oversized bike that comes rearing to go on bikepacking trips and backcountry expeditions. The Forager is a feat of hand-crafted engineering, showcasing the proprietary double-butted top and down tube in the largest diameters Moots’ has ever built. The titanium fat bike is the brand’s stiffest and most durable model yet built to handle everything that’s thrown at it in the depths of winter. The Forager leaves no stone unturned in its pursuit of creating the ultimate winterized beast.
Moots Vamoots RCS
$11,449.00 - $14,339.00
The Vamoots RCS redefines the limits of modern road bikes, providing fine-tuned performance on a range of surfaces. The increased tire clearance and relaxed titanium frameset mean riders can confidently tackle everything from smooth pavement to cobbles and dirt roads. This do-it-all-well road bike is built to perform best with your favorite 32mm tires, but there is clearance for 35mm tires. Versatility is king when it comes to modern road cycling and the Vamoots RCS (Routt County Special) is capable over varied terrains. Take that unexpected turn and discover a new route you never knew existed— the RCS can handle the rest. You won’t have to tiptoe your way around numbing cobbles or dirt sections on your ride anymore since this model has the higher tire volume to accommodate more rugged surfaces. The RCS continues to offer fast-paced road bike characteristics suited to long rides, gran fondos, and more. The titanium RSL double-butted tubeset sets it apart from its rivals and there’s an English threaded bottom bracket for improved serviceability and future-proof compatibility. Moots’ unique 3D-printed dropouts allow for perfect alignment of disc brake rotors for excellent control in corners and descents. For road riders who expect the most out of their bike, the Vamoots RCS doesn’t back down from a challenge.
Moots ROUTT 45
$7,499.00 - $11,999.00
The Routt 45 is a fun-seeking adventure machine. It loves spirited gravel rides and bike-packing adventures. The versatile gravel bike is perfect for fast-paced workouts, multi-day tours, and long days in the saddle exploring the backroads. This model has an endurance-oriented geometry that finds the sweet spot between stability and responsiveness. Shortened chainstays aid in climbing and cornering and a lower, stiffer bottom bracket adds control as well as snappy acceleration. A Moots full-carbon gravel fork offers the best combination of stiffness and compliance and even comes with hidden fender eyelets for wet-weather riding. A proprietary 3/2.5 titanium 3D printed flat-mount disc mount allows for perfect rear wheel alignment and adds stiffness and power transfer capability. The Routt 45 comes with plenty of features that make it a true gravel and adventure bike. It makes room for massive gravel tires up to 50mm wide for big-time traction, stability, and speed over rugged terrain. There’s not one, not two, but three water bottle cages to keep you riding longer and farther. The ROUTT 45 is designed with American-made titanium to fit seven stock sizes and 7 designs, and all angles, tube lengths, tube diameters, and wall thickness are size-selected to create the perfect ride feel. You can also pair this frame with a LAUF gravel for if you want to add suspension. MOOTS SELECT BUILDS provide a quicker delivery when choosing one of the curated build kits. The MOOTS SELECT BUILDS come standard with the ETCHED finish but can be upgraded to a full array of finish options including Signature Series anodized logos and patterns.
$7,699.00 - $12,199.00
The Routt YBB is an innovative softail gravel bike. This tech-laden model employs the redesigned “softail” micro-suspension technology that Moots originated in the 1990s. “YBB” stands for “Why Be Beat” and this bike is bred for long distance endurance rides and races on mixed surfaces. First and foremost, the piece of tech that makes the Routt YBB special is the proprietary rear micro-suspension technology. It provides 20mm of rear wheel travel that helps absorb the chatter on trails and gravel roads so riders can go farther and longer with more control and less fatigue. There’s a generous 50mm of tire clearance to run your favorite rubber. Adventurous riders will love the heightened traction while climbing and the integrated suspension that takes the edge of miles of gravel. The Routt YBB is a product of decades of constant tweaks and updates, making it the trusty steed for your next gravel expedition.
$8,599.00 - $14,399.00
NOTE: See the "How To Order" tab for ordering process info. The ROUTT RSL is the ultimate gravel grinder and multi-surface racing machine. Lightweight yet stiff and durable titanium makes an ideal material for the demands of all-road and off-road racing and fast-paced exploring. If you’re looking for an advantage for the next big gravel race like the Dirty Kanza, the ROUTT RSL is perfect for you. Moots took designs from their cyclocross and endurance road bikes and tweaked them to create something with enough control on gravel and dirt without losing the speed and tight handling you come to expect from Moots performance bikes. It’s got a race fit geometry that puts the rider in a neutral to positive position for optimum power transfer and comfort. It has a lower bottom bracket and slightly slackened angels enough to add a grounded stability on rougher surfaces but not so much that it loses its racing roots. Moots’ internal double-butted tube set combined with a custom 3D printed dropout, 142 x 12 thru axle and flat mount disc brake mount increases stiffness for quick acceleration. The 44mm head tube houses a Moots tapered carbon cross and gravel fork that’s stiff where it counts and flexible when it needs to be. Thru axles make wheel swaps a breeze, and with an additional wheelset the ROUTT RSL can run a slick and narrow road tire all the way up to some 40mm dirt loving rubber. So depending on your daily ambitions, you can be prepared for a fast paced group road ride or a solo gravel excursion. The ROUTT RSL is designed to fit seven stock sizes and 7 designs, and all angles, tube lengths, tube diameters and wall thickness are size-selected to create the perfect ride feel. You can also pair this frame with a LAUF gravel for if you want to add suspension. MOOTS SELECT BUILDS provide a quicker delivery when choosing one of the curated build kits. The MOOTS SELECT BUILDS come standard with the ETCHED finish but can be upgraded to a full array of finish options including Signature Series anodized logos and patterns.
Moots Vamoots CR Bike
$6,069.95 - $10,369.95
Meet the Vamoots CR: your dream performance road bike. Precise handling, explosive acceleration, and years of fun await you. Moots' legendary craftsmanship is at its pinnacle with the Vamoots CR, you get a tailor-made ride for long days in the saddle. Utilizing U.S.-made titanium throughout, the Vamoots CR is balanced, light and snappy for exceptional handling, and offers what Moots calls "timeless durability." Features abound, such as clearance for 2t9mm tires, a full 44mm head tube for precise steering, a bump-minimizing 27.2mm seatpost diameter. Acceleration, cornering, climbing: Moots has mined your dreams to create this titanium handbuilt bike called the Vamoots CR.
Moots Vamoots CRD
$13,209.00 - $14,676.00
The Vamoots CRD (Complete Race Design) sets a new standard for titanium road racing bikes. This updated model is Moots’ dedicated road bike designed for smooth-surface riding and epic grand touring. The RSL double-butted titanium tubeset offers a light, crisp ride that’s perfect for roadies who stick to paved routes. Pencil-thin seat stays put Moots’ expertise in titanium frame building and ride characteristics on full display, complete with a beautiful brushed finish. As the heir to the popular Vamoots RSL model, the all-new CRD features a major frame upgrade with all cables routed internally, including through the handlebars and stem. Racers will love the even sleeker silhouette and the larger T47 bottom bracket encourages solid power transfer when it’s time to stomp on the pedals. The CRD is optimized for 28-30c tires, but the frame can clear rubber up to 32mm. The 3D-printed dropouts provide more precise measurements to achieve perfect disc brake alignment, save weight, and increase rear wheel stiffness. For a podium-worthy ride on smooth roads, the Vamoots CRD is the pinnacle of pavement performance.
Moots Womble
$8,540.00 - $10,694.00
The Womble is Moots’ do-it-all-well 29er hardtail that inspires fun on the mountain. The all-rounder build features a 1x specific titanium frame with progressive 29” geometry that comes alive on XC trails, singletrack, and the land beyond. Named after the epic Womble Trail in Mt. Ida, Arkansas, the Womble is becoming an icon in its own right. The Moots proprietary double-butted titanium frame accommodates a 140mm front fork so you can navigate chunkier terrain. Additional off-road capabilities come from the curved seat tube that allows you to run massive 2.6” tires, all while keeping the rear end tucked in and agile. Use this versatile hardtail as your go-to bikepacking bike or hit gravel backroads on the weekend. The Womble offers that kind of pure mountain biking experience that Moots remembers from the 1980s and reimagines it with modern designs. It’s a fresh take on cross-country bikes that expands its toolkit to varied terrains whether you’re on tour or going for a post-work joyride. This fun-loving 29er hardtail will inspire you to get out and ride, even encouraging you to get lost along the way.
Moots Mountaineer YBB
$8,540.00 - $10,694.00
True mountaineers crave adventure and this rugged bike is no different. The unique mountain bike combines the geometry and efficiency of a hardtail XC bike with the added control of dual suspension. The result is an adventure-seeking machine that’s rearing to tackle singletrack leading off into the great unknown. One of the key features that makes this bike unique is Moots’ YBB (Why-Be-Beat) rear micro-suspension. The compact suspension offers 1-¼” of pivotless travel that takes the bite out of the small, repetitive hits on the trail. It’s an uncomplicated and uncluttered system that requires no maintenance and adds almost no extra weight. Moots calls it a soft-tail, and it makes perfect sense for the long distance rider or the rider who prioritizes simplicity and comfort. The Mountaineer has 120mm of front suspension and a capable 1x drivetrain that will help you tackle the steepest climbs and fast, flowy trails. With clearance for up to 29 x 2.6” tires, there’s no terrain that’s off limits. Moots added stealth routing for a dropper post and a standard Anything Cage mount on the down tube. Unloaded, the Mountaineer is a fun-loving singletrack shredder. Set it up with bags and you’ve a purpose-built bikepacker’s dream bike. You decide, this bike will handle anything you’ve got rolling around in your brain. The benefit of the US-made 3/2.5 titanium is multifaceted, and you’ll appreciate this bike’s weight class, its efficiency, and its outright durability. It may not be the bike for every situation, but it’s definitely the bike for most.
Moots Express
Moots has electrified their gravel bike fleet with the all-new Express. This streamlined eGravel bike boasts a Shimano EP801 drive unit and is designed to carry riders farther with the simple goal of exploring more terrain than ever. The Express model swaps Moots’ renowned titanium frame for featherweight composite material, marking the brand’s first-ever carbon fiber bike. The Express is a Class 3 e-bike that assists up to 28 mph and looks lightning-fast, featuring a fully integrated cockpit with internally routed cables. The composite frame is tricked out with two water bottle spots, fender mounts, and two three-pack mounts on the fork so you can load up the Express for long-range outings. The efficient 504Wh Shimano battery offers a whopping 100 mile range, letting you ride well off the map into remote locations without worrying about running out of juice. The full Shimano build kit is specifically built for e-bikes along with a wide 11/50t gear range needed for gravel riding. It comes equipped with burly 50c gravel tires with room to spare for even bigger rubber. The fast setup is built tough for loose gravel, dirt tracks, and less-than-ideal road surfaces. Armed with the triple threat of power, extended range, and gravel capabilities, the Moots Express smashes expectations so you can ride beyond the bounds.
Moots Womble Slider
$4,975.00 - $9,999.00
Named after its innovative sliding dropouts, the Womble Slider is Moots’ ultra-capable single-speed mountain bike. This pared-down hardtail encourages riders to chase the closest connection between them and the mountain. Strip back your setup and explore XC trails, single-track, and backcountry routes in a whole new way. It’s available as a complete bike or frame-only for custom builds. With no gears to overcomplicate its setup, the Womble Slider has chosen only the best components. The double-butted titanium frame optimizes stiffness and strength and is compatible with long-travel front forks up to 140mm. The unique curved seat tube shape tucks around the rear wheel, preserving the Slider’s snappy and responsive handling. The generous tire clearance allows for massive 29 x 2.6” tires. The progressive geometry encourages riders to take on the mountain with confidence, fueled by the Womble Slider’s incredibly light and capable ride characteristics. The single-speed setup is the purest way to enjoy the mountain and connect with the trails flowing beneath you. The Womble Slider is a snappy, all-mountain hardtail that’s your ticket to all-day fun.
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