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Electric Bikes

There are plenty of reasons to consider purchasing an electric bike. Gone are the days when boxy, cumbersome design made riding an electric bike feel like pushing a Transformer down the street with pedals. These bikes offer similar benefits of traditional bikes and increased efficiency when climbing hills or fighting the elements.

Those who have adopted bike commuting to work find e-bikes quite useful in the event they don't want to risk showing up to an early morning meeting panting and sweaty.

If you're seeking additional comfort while riding, and want to be able to go faster with each pedal stroke, consider buying an electric bike from Bob's Bikes. If you have additional questions, feel free to get in touch here or stop by our shop in Homewood and we'll answer any questions you have. 

Gocycle Gocycle GX
Gocycle’s newest model offers the ultimate blend of design purity, convenience of fast folding, and exceptional rider fit and riding dynamics. Its industry-leading technology includes a patented automotive-inspired Daytime Running Light (DRL), LED cockpit and Gocycle’s electronic predictive shifting. Get yours today, and experience biking at the cutting edge.
Gocycle Gocycle GXi
The GoCycle GXi’s fast-folding frame enables users to fold and stow the bike in just 10 seconds while housing a fully-integrated 375 Wh battery. All electronics are elegantly routed through the frame giving a clean, stylish, design that does not attract dirt and is perfect for storing in the office or in tight city living spaces. Get yours today!
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