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Moots Vamoots CRD
$13,209.00 - $14,676.00
The Vamoots CRD (Complete Race Design) sets a new standard for titanium road racing bikes. This updated model is Moots’ dedicated road bike designed for smooth-surface riding and epic grand touring. The RSL double-butted titanium tubeset offers a light, crisp ride that’s perfect for roadies who stick to paved routes. Pencil-thin seat stays put Moots’ expertise in titanium frame building and ride characteristics on full display, complete with a beautiful brushed finish. As the heir to the popular Vamoots RSL model, the all-new CRD features a major frame upgrade with all cables routed internally, including through the handlebars and stem. Racers will love the even sleeker silhouette and the larger T47 bottom bracket encourages solid power transfer when it’s time to stomp on the pedals. The CRD is optimized for 28-30c tires, but the frame can clear rubber up to 32mm. The 3D-printed dropouts provide more precise measurements to achieve perfect disc brake alignment, save weight, and increase rear wheel stiffness. For a podium-worthy ride on smooth roads, the Vamoots CRD is the pinnacle of pavement performance.
Moots Vamoots RCS
$11,449.00 - $14,339.00
The Vamoots RCS redefines the limits of modern road bikes, providing fine-tuned performance on a range of surfaces. The increased tire clearance and relaxed titanium frameset mean riders can confidently tackle everything from smooth pavement to cobbles and dirt roads. This do-it-all-well road bike is built to perform best with your favorite 32mm tires, but there is clearance for 35mm tires. Versatility is king when it comes to modern road cycling and the Vamoots RCS (Routt County Special) is capable over varied terrains. Take that unexpected turn and discover a new route you never knew existed— the RCS can handle the rest. You won’t have to tiptoe your way around numbing cobbles or dirt sections on your ride anymore since this model has the higher tire volume to accommodate more rugged surfaces. The RCS continues to offer fast-paced road bike characteristics suited to long rides, gran fondos, and more. The titanium RSL double-butted tubeset sets it apart from its rivals and there’s an English threaded bottom bracket for improved serviceability and future-proof compatibility. Moots’ unique 3D-printed dropouts allow for perfect alignment of disc brake rotors for excellent control in corners and descents. For road riders who expect the most out of their bike, the Vamoots RCS doesn’t back down from a challenge.
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